Retro City Rampage DX Finally Arrives On Android

Following the release of Retro City Rampage DX on Apple devices about nine months ago, Vblank Entertainment has officially announced that its open world crime video game is now expanding to Google-based mobile devices.

Retro City Rampage DX features:

  • 8-BIT Open-World
  • Over 60 Story Missions
  • Over 40 Arcade Challenges
  • Over 25 Weapons & Power-Ups
  • Over 50 Vehicles to Steal & Equip
  • Over 200 Character Customizations
  • Over 2.5 Hours of Chiptune Music
  • Supports Controllers 
  • Includes "ROM City Rampage" Prototype Version (100% 8-BIT hardware accurate, could've actually been released in '89!)
  • Includes official crossovers and minigames with Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP and Epic Meal Time
Retro City Rampage DX is now available to purchase for $4.99 through the Play Store on Android devices running 4.0 and up.