New Pokémon GO Update Launched

Niantic has officially announced the latest update coming to its location-based augmented reality video game, Pokémon GO v0.49.1 for Google-based devices and Pokémon GO v1.19.1 for Apple-based devices, delivering some new bug fixes and other enhancements.

The new Pokémon GO update includes:

  • Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow (To use this function, press and hold on a Pokémon)
  • Pokémon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen
  • The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon has been added to the buddy information screen
  • The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokémon that has ever been your buddy
  • Minor text fixes
Pokémon GO v0.49.1 for Android and Pokémon GO v1.19.1 for iOS devices are now rolling out as a free update.