New Mafia III Update Revealed

Following the launch of the Mafia III: Outfit DLC just one month ago, 2K Games is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has announced the latest update coming to its action-adventure video game, the Car Customization & Races Update.

The Car Customization & Races Update includes:

  • Car Customization - Cool customizations for Lincoln’s fleet of up to 10 cars, with over 50 unique customizations for your fleet
  • Car Races - 12 races for you to win throughout New Bordeaux including six circuit lap races as well as six point-to-point races
  • More Outfits - Three more outfits for Lincoln 
  • The ability to score Lincoln a sweet three-piece suit Outfit (The “Classico”) and a custom revolver (“Il Duca”) once you link Mafia III with your My2K account
Mafia III: Car Customization & Races Update is now rolling out as a free update on PC, Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Check out Mafia 3: Custom Rides & Racing Update.