Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Revealed

With Watch Dogs 2 launch date less than couple weeks away, Ubisoft is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has announced the latet update comning to its open world action-adventure video game, including the content of Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass.

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass will be featuring:

  • T-Bone Content Bundle - Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney returns in Watch Dogs 2 and he’s brought his tropical trucker-hobo look with him. The T-Bone Bundle includes his truck, his outfit, and Mayhem – a new difficulty level for co-op activities that introduces a new enemy archetype equipped with advanced weaponry. (Available December 13 for PS4)
  • Human Conditions - Uncover scandals in San Francisco’s science and medicine industries through several hours of content spread across three new world stories. Additionally, this content unlocks elite co-op missions that feature the Jammer – an enemy that possesses the technology to hunt you down. (Available Spring 2017)
  • No Compromise - Marcus takes on the Russian Mafia in a new world story that exposes an even more dangerous side of San Francisco. You can also experience a new co-op mode called Showd0wn where only the best players can survive. (Available Spring 2017)
  • Root Access Bundle - Someone claiming to be the Zodiac Killer has returned to the Bay Area, and they’re leaving new messages from Marcus to uncover and decipher. In addition to the Zodiac Killer mission, this bundle includes new outfits, cars, a drone skin, and a new weapon. (Available this Winter)
  • Psychedelic Pack - Hippies. San Francisco. A groovy weapon, outfit, drone, and car await. (Available Day One)
The Watch Dogs 2 Seasons Pass will be available for $39.99. Although, owners of Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition will get it at no additional cost.

Check out Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Reveal Trailer.