Huge Battlefield 1 Update Revealed

Following the launch of Battlefield 1 late last month, Electronic Arts is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has announced the biggest update to date coming to its first-person shooter video game, the Battlefield 1 Fall Update, delivering a host of changes as well as other improvements.

The Battlefield 1 Fall Update will include all sorts of gameplay balances, bug fixes, as well as some major changes such as:

  • Overall tickets for both Operations and Grand Operations are being increased
  • Capturing sectors as an attacker will get easier
  • The minimum tickets regained in Grand Operations has been increased to 50 
  • The amount of tickets gained for killing retreating defenders will be higher
  • Two new flags have being added to the layout of the Suez Conquest mode
  • The size of capture points in village areas has been reduced to make them easier to re-capture
  • The ability to customize your soldier from within the UI 
The Battlefield 1 Fall Update will ve released this Fall as a free update on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.