Guardian Codex Launches On Mobile Devices

Square Enix has officially announced that its latest and greatest role-playing mobile video game as well as the sequel to the four years old's Guardian Cross, Guardian Codex, has now began rolling out on Apple and Google-based mobile devices.

Guardian Codex features:

  • High-Quality Guardian Graphics - Over 100 different 3D Guardians to capture
  • Easy Battle Commands - Battle enemy Guardians with easy commands in the style of classic games like Dragon Quest
  • Multiplayer Mode - Use the chat function to coordinate your team's strategy and clear sites (you can even get rare items as rewards during multiplayer)
  • Quests - Travel around the map to complete the main quest and other sub quests at your leisure
  • Leveling Up - Power up your Guardians in various ways and learn player skills to help you in the game
Guardian Codex is now available to download as a free-to-play game on Android and iOS devices running Android 4.3 or later and iOS 8 or newer.

Check out Guardian Codex Launch Trailer.