The Escapist 2 Officially Announced

Mouldy Toof Studios in collaboration with Team17 has officially announced the sequel the last year's popular prison escape strategy role-playing video game, The Escapist 2, offering gamers a chance to play online multiplayer for the first time as well as all-new ways to escape.

The Escapist 2 will be featuring:

  • Multiplayer – In a first for the series, The Escapists 2 offers drop-in/drop-out play offering both split screen and online play for up to four players in both co-op and versus modes
  • New ways to escape - Tie together knotted sheets and use them to climb down high windows in our new multi-level prisons and other new ways to make a break for freedom
  • New items to craft – Build yourself a homemade taser to knock out guards plus many more 
  • New combat system – A completely revamped combat system featuring new lock-on targeting and blocking systems plus light and heavy attacks
  • New graphical style – A brand new look immerses players in a deeper, richer world while maintaining that unique The Escapists style
  • More character customisation – New customisation options let players tweak their avatar to a whole new level including the option to play as a male or female escapist! Go bald! Sport a mullet! The choice is yours...
  • More things to do – Join a band! Learn to paint! The Escapists 2 will offer more ways than ever to pass the time whilst incarcerated
The Escapist 2 will be available sometime next year on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. Check out The Escapist 2 Reveal Trailer.