Mafia III Launches Today

Hangar13 Games in collaboration with 2K Games has officially announced that its much anticipated and waited action-adventure video game has now began rolling out around the world on current-gen consoles as well as and Windows-based computers.

In Mafia III, the third installment in the Mafia Series, players will get the chance to play as Lincoln Clay, an orphan and Vietnam veteran, as seeks revenge for the deaths of his surrogate family in a vast open world ruled by the mob. Build a new criminal empire your way by deciding which lieutenants you reward, and which you betray.

Last but not least, the studio has announced that a patch will be released this week for the PC edition featuring 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options as well as other improvements. Mafia III is now rolling our around the world on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Check out Mafia III Launch Trailer.