Hitman Season Finale Launch Date Announced

Following the release of Hitman Episode 5: Colorado late last month, IO Interactive is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has announced the release date of the Season Finale of its episodic action-adventure stealth video game.

Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido will be featuring:

  • Set in Japan within the grounds of the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort
  • Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant and traditional Japanese hot spring
  • Two new targets 
  • New mission called “Situs Inversus” that is said to be the culmination of everything players have learnt in terms of both gameplay and story
  • New Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and community-created Featured Contracts
  • The usual array of weapon and gear unlocks that can be used across all previous locations
Hitman Season Finale will be available October 31 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Check out Hitman Season Finale Teaser Trailer.