Bioshock: The Collection Patch Released

Following the launch of Bioshock: The Collection on computers three weeks ago numerous reports of issues and bugs players have encountered began to emerge, and now the developers have released a new patch that address several issues including mouse acceleration, graphics options, and a number of other bug fixes.

Bioshock: The Collection Patch includes:

  • Field-Of-View is now adjustable from 75 to 130 in the Graphics Options Menu
  • 21:9 Resolutions are now available. UI supports 2 modes (Stretch or Centered) at these resolutions 
  • Resolved several graphical issues on NVidia hardware 
  • New Graphics options available for lower-end machines 
  • Mouse Button 4 and 5 assignments fixed 
  • Mouse Icon Size is now adjustable and will scale with resolution
  • Several improvements have been made to Mouse Sensitivity, Threshold, and Buffering 
  • Settings will no longer automatically reset on improperly shutting down BioShock 
  • Speaker Mode should now be selectable from the Audio Options Menu 
  • Fixed an initialization bug with Audio System
  • DirectX 11 Performance improvements 
  • Fixed several graphical issues with Occlusion Culling 
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
The new Patch is now rolling out as a free update to all Bioshock: The Collection owners on PC.

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