New Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC Revealed

Following the release of the Lost Treasures Expansion three months ago, Naughty Dog has officially announced the latest downloadable content coming to action-adventure video game, the Bounty Hunters DLC, delivering "one of the biggest multiplayer DLC updates" the developers have ever produced.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters DLC features:

  • The classic Village map from Uncharted 2 with new lighting systems, high-fidelity textures, support for Uncharted 4’s new traversal mechanics, and more
  • New Multiplayer mode called Bounty Hunters that encourages teamwork, strategy, and skill
  • New Weapons including DC Single Action (Semi-Automatic Revolver), RKL-155 (Fully Automatic mid Pistol), Lowe-S (Assault Rifle), Harrison 1890 (Lever Action Rifle), US-AN 12 (Automatic Shotgun - Heavy Weapon)
  • New Boosters including Lock ‘n Load (Put ammo from pickups immediately in your clip), Undisturbed (Hold a charge melee while rolling and climbing), Silent Assassin (Take out the enemy without the other their team knowing), Weapons Expert (Aim your weapon while vaulting, falling, jumping)
  • New Mystical - Shield of Asgard (Reduces incoming damage for a brief period)
  • Cinema Replay - a new suite of tools for capturing epic moments in-game and creating your own original videos
  • New personalization including over 40 new Skins and Pre-Sets as well as a wealth of new Hats, Face Wear items, and Taunts
Last but not least, the studio has also announced a new update to the Multiplayer Pack 2 for the Triple Pack owners, which brings:
  • RKL-155 Pistol
  • Lock and Load Booster
  • Shield of Asgard Mystical
  • Bandit Hat
  • Pistol Spin taunt
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters DLC is now rolling out as a free update to all Uncharted 4: A Thief's End players on PS4 consoles.

Check out Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters Multiplayer DLC Trailer.