New PS4 System Update Released

Following the release of System Software 4.00 Beta one month ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced the the latest software update of its current-gen PlayStation consoles is now rolling out to the public for download and update.

In addition to the refreshed system UI, folder organization, updates to the Quick Menu and Share Menu, and library improvements, the PS4 System Software 4.00, codenamed Shingen, features:

  • Enhanced Music section to allow you to discover, play, and control Spotify without needing to open the app
  • The ability to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and save songs from the Music section of the Quick Menu
  • The Music section will enable you to discover recommended playlists for the game you’re playing and view your saved Spotify playlists and songs, as well as view all upcoming songs and choose to play all, or select an individual song to listen to from that playlist
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Updates including 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices, 1080p streaming for Share Play, 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube, and 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch
  • HDR settings has been added to the Video Output Settings, allowing users to enjoy HDR gaming and entertainment content (you’ll need an HDR compatible display)
  • "What’s New" has been redesigned and now includes more information about what your friends have been doing on PS4
  • The content info screen has been redesigned with the ability to easily select from a variety of options to view a game’s Overview, Trending media, Friends and Communities, Activities, and related PlayStation Store content
  • The ability to transfer data from one PS4 to another over a wired LAN connection including games, user info, and saved data
System Software 4.00 is now rolling out as a free update to all PS4 owners.