Gravity Rush 2 Demo Officially Announced

Following the Tokyo Game Show 2016 last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment in collaboration with SIE Japan Studio has officially announced that players interested in the studio's upcoming action-adventure video game will now be able to try it out before it officially launches later this year.

In Gravity Rush 2, a new mind-bending adventure awaits gravity queen Kat as a new danger emerges to threaten the fabric of the universe itself. Still searching for clues behind the mystery of her origin, and with the powerful Raven at her side, Kat must master three unique gravity attack styles as she takes on enemies and massive bosses. The game is also said to said to bring back all the main characters from the previous Gravity Rush game.

Gravity Rush 2 Demo will be available to download starting today in Japan exclusively for PlayStation Plus member on PS4. Last but not least, the Demo is scheduled to end September 25 at 23:59 JST.

Check out Gravity Rush 2 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer.