Pebble Firmware 4.0 Officially Released

Following the launch of Pebble Firmware 3.14 earlier last month, Pebble has officially announced the latest software update coming to its wearable operating system, Pebble Firmware 4.0, delivering some new features and other improvements in order to maximize your ability to "glance and go".

Pebble Firmware 4.0 features:

  • All-New Pebble Health App - Press Up from your watchface to review your Pebble Health activity and sleep. Enjoy redesigned cards for quick glances at your current step and sleep performance. Press Right from each activity to dive deeper into your historical performance data
  • Timeline with Quick Views - Press Down from your watchface for current and future views of your personal Timeline. Gaze up to three days into the future. Enjoy Quick Views—peeks at what’s coming up next—from your watchface. Press Down on a Quick View to see more about it, or press Back to dismiss it
  • Better, Faster Launcher with App Glances - Press Select from your watchface for a new Launcher menu that’s built for speed. The banner design shows more items at once. App Glances show preview info without even opening an app
  • 4-Button Quick Launch - Your favorite Pebble apps are just a press and hold away from your watchface. Assign a Quick Launch favorite to the Up, Down, Back, and Select buttons and blast off
  • Built for Speed - New system animations make the overall watch experience faster
  • For Developers - JavaScript developers can now create apps and experiences for the Pebble platform with Rocky.js
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Pebble Firmware 4.0 is now rolling out on Pebble Time, Time Steel, Time Round, Pebble 2, and Time 2 smartwatches as a free update.