Microsoft Launches Xbox Summer Update

Following the release of the Xbox One Preview Update couple months ago, Microsoft is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has revealed the latest software update coming to current-gen Xbox consoles, the Xbox Summer Update.

The Xbox Summer Update brings some new features as well as other enhancements like:

  • Background Music, which lets you listen to your favorite music in the background while gaming
  • Cortana is now available on Xbox One in the U.S. and U.K
  • The Game Collection interface has been updated to make it faster and easier to find and launch the games you’re looking for
  • Language Region Independence is now enabled to give gamers even more control over their Xbox experience
  • Xbox and Windows Store convergence, which will give gamers a single cohesive experience across their devices
  • The ability to connect your Facebook account to your Xbox Live account to find your Xbox playing Facebook Friends
  • Gamers can now share their most epic clips and screenshots with the community right from home
The Xbox Summer Update is now rolling out as a free update to all Xbox One owners. Last but not least, the new highly-anticipated Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition will receive the update starting August 2, while the 1TB and 500GB Xbox One S models will get it later this month.

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