Hyper Blaster Coming To Mobile Devices

Combopunk has officially revealed its latest and greatest project, as well as the latest member joining the Arcade Shooter genre, Hyper Blaster, delivering an "addictive, fast-paced score chaser that will push your reflexes to the limit!".

Hyper Blaster will enable players to:

  • Take on the challenge using simple, responsive controls designed from the ground up for touch devices 
  • Collect and unleash destructive power-ups that unlock as you play 
  • Chase high scores to unlock awesome characters and take on the ultimate challenge: Turbo mode! 
  • Kick back and get in the zone with vibrant voxel art and catchy arcade sounds
Hyper Blaster will be available August 18 as a free-to-play game on iPhone as well as iPad devices.

Check out Hyper Blaster Announce Trailer.