Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed

Following the announcement of Final Fantasy XV Season Pass earlier this month, Square Enix is back once again only this time with some not so great news about its upcoming installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, including the game's launch date being pushed back until later this year.

Although Final Fantasy XV was first scheduled to be released September 30. Final Fantasy XV's director Tabata has officially announced that the studio's upcoming and much anticipated action role-playing video game will unfortunately be delayed for two months in order to "allow the development teams time to further polish and conduct quality testing so that the reality of the game can match the expectations of both the fans and the creative teams" as well as "achieve a level of perfection that our fans deserve".

Final Fantasy XV will be available November 29 around the world on Xbox One and PS4, and will include the Day-1 Patch as well as other extras.

Check out Final Fantasy XV Release Date Announce Video (Turn On Closed Captioning).