Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta 6

Following the release of iOS 10 Beta 5 just one week ago, the company has officially launched a brand new build of its latest and greatest mobile operating system, iOS 10 Beta 6 build number 14A5341a, to developers for download and testing.

iOS 10 Beta 6 brings some bug fixes as well as other enhancements such as:

  • Search hints will now function as expected in the Messages Store
  • When launching an iMessage app extension from iOS Simulator, the app extension should no longer be blank or stop responding to touch input
  • Siri will now provide an appropriate response when a request requires a removed app
  • The identifier property on INIntent now changes appropriately between Siri requests
  • needsMoreDetails (for:) resolution result now works
  • If a StickerSequence is added to a sticker pack and left blank, or if frames of different sizes are added, the sticker pack app will no longer be blank when deployed
iOS 10 Beta 6 is now rolling out as a free update through Software Update or via iOS Dev Center for registered developers.