Chaos Legends Launches Worldwide On Mobile Devices

Snail Games has officially revealed its latest and greatest project, as well as the latest member joining the action RPG genre, Chaos Legends, delivering a "thrilling oriental fantasy RPG" on Apple as well as Google-based mobile devices.

Chaos Legends, which is said to deliver a r
evolutionary open world PvP, will enable players to:
  • Battle your enemies in spontaneous open world skirmishes and large-scale battles to defend your kingdom
  • Complete special tasks set down by you ruler and ascend the ranks
  • Become the ultimate legend of the whirling chaos that grips the land thanks to offline gameplay with the ability to gain experience and rewards
  • Collect new and exciting mounts and nurture their inner strengths to fill your stables with unique and exciting creatures at your disposal
Chaos Legends is now available to download as a free-to-play game around the world on Android as well as iOS devices. 

Check out Chaos Legends Global Launch Trailer.

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