Samsung Galaxy S7 VS OnePlus 3 Speed Test

Once again we find ourselves in this cross road, where powerhouses from the both giants, Samsung and OnePlus, fight each other in a speed test, to prove once for all who is the fastest smartphone on the market right now.

In this brutal war, we have one of Samsung's 2016 flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 Exynos Editon, against OnePlus' recently launhced 2016 flagship, the OnePlus 3, challenging each other in an obstacle course where they have to find out who finishes first.

What do you think? will the Galaxy S7 tear the OnePlus 3 apart with its Quad-HD display, Octa-core processor and 4GB of memory? or will the OnePlus 3 with its 1080p screen, Quad-core processor and 6GB of memory dominate the Galaxy S7 and takes home the trophy? Stick around to find out.

Check out Samsung Galaxy S7 VS OnePlus 3 Speed Test.