Paranormal Mini's Coming To Mobile Devices

Ravenous Games, an indie game studio from Canada, in collaboration with Bulletproof Outlaws has officially revealed its latest and greatest project, Paranormal Mini's, delivering a new side-scrolling brawler/shooter on Apple-based mobile devices.

In Paranormal Mini's, from the creators of the award-winning League of Evil, a group of doomsday preppers have been getting ready for the end of days! Luckily for them, they are equipped for the onslaught of all things unnatural! This fun shooter has you go after vampires, ghost, demons, aliens and other abominations!

Paranormal Mini's will be available June 16 on iOS devices. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on whether or not the game will make it to Android or Windows devices.

Check out Paranormal Mini's Announce Trailer.