Minecraft: Education Edition Early Access Announced

Following the announcement of Minecraft: Education Edition earlier this year, Mojang is back once again with some pretty exciting news and has revealed that teachers will now be able to access this version of Minecraft that has been designed to help them teach all kinds of subjects.

In addition to the tools necessary to get students working together, Minecraft: Education Edition features:

  • A snazzy camera and compatible portfolio
  • Non-player characters that can be programmed to teach stuff
  • Chalkboards for that classic old-school look
  • The ability for students to collaborate together to build projects and solve problems
  • Simple, Secure Sign-In
  • More features like Classroom Mode interface, teleport capabilities, and a chat window for communication to be added later on
Minecraft: Education Edition Early Access is now available to download on Windows 10 or OS X El Capitan-based machines.