Microsoft Announces The Halo Legendary Crate

Following the announcement of Forge - Halo 5: Guardians Edition Coming To Computers late last month, Microsoft in collaboration with 343 Industries and Loot Crate has officially revealed the latest goodies coming to the Halo Nation, the Spartan Program: The Halo Legendary Crate, offering fans of the Halo franchise a chance to collect artifacts from the Halo universe.

The Halo Legendary Crate will be featuring:

  • Exclusive Halo gear, collectibles and in-game content
  • 5-7 items, including a new figure line made just for this crate
  • Themes based on the biggest moments in the Halo universe
  • $34.99 for $65+ worth of legendary Halo items (Value based on MSRP. Price shown for US orders. International orders add S&H + VAT)
The Halo Legendary Crate will be available every two months for $34.99 + $5 domestic shipping ($65 value) per crate. With more info on subscription and product details to be released soon.