HTC Introducing The Vive Business Edition

Following the launch of the HTC Vive Consumer Edition couple months ago, the company has officially announced the latest update coming to its virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive Business Edition, offering a "Vive VR systems with additional services adapted for business and commercial environments".

The HTC Vive Business Edition features:

  • Dedicated Business Edition customer support line
  • 12-month limited warranty (certain exclusions and limitations apply)
  • Headset
  • 4 face cushions (2x narrow and 2x wide)
  • 2 wireless controllers
  • 2 base stations
  • Link box
  • Earbuds
  • Cables, chargers and accessories
Alongside the Vive Business Edition, the company has also announced the Vive Business Edition Installation Service, which includes:
  • Mounting base stations
  • Connecting Vive Business Edition components to computers
  • Setting up SteamVR software
  • Organizing wires and cables
  • Limited 30-day workmanship warranty
According to HTC "Virtual reality has already proven its appeal among consumers and is now revealing its potential for enterprise," The company continued "Vive helps us provide our customers from all industries with premium virtual reality experiences that offer unlimited perspectives to inspire product ideation and creation".

The HTC Vive Business Edition will be available this month for $1200 (excludes tax and shipping).