Ghostbusters Pre-Order Bundles Revealed

Following the announcement of Ghostbusters The Game couple months ago, Activision is back oce again with some pretty exciting news and has revealed that anyone who pre-orders its upcoming action role-playing video game will receive bonus content.

Ghostbusters Pre-Order Bundle will be featuring:

  • The core Ghostbusters game
  • Ghostbusters Cllassic Suit Pack, which includes classic Ghostbusters trap and 4 original jumpsuit
While Ghostbusters Ultimate Game + Movie Bundle will include:
  • Ghostbusters Video Game (Delivered July 12, 2016)
  • HD Version of the “Ghostbusters (2016)” Movie (Delivered Fall 2016)
  • Game DLC: 4 classic suits and trap (Delivered July 12, 2016)
  • Movie Theme (Delivered immediately)
The Ghostbusters Pre-Order Bundle is now available to pre-order on Xbox One for $49.99, while Ghostbusters Ultimate Game + Movie Bundle will go for $69.99 ($58.49 for PS Plus) on PS4.

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