Vine Launches On Windows 10

Vine Labs Inc, the Twitter-owned short-form video sharing service, has officially announced that its Vine application will now begin supporting Windows 10 PCs and Tablets, offering users the ability to watch entertaining stories and follow their favorite channels and accounts on larger displays.

Vine for Windows 10 features:

  • Go to Explore, where you'll find channels like Music, Dance, Comedy and Sports
  • Find out about trends and viral Vines before they blow up
  • The ability to follow your favorite creators
  • Mouse over a post or touch the screen if you have a touch-enabled device in order to watch it over and over again
  • Create and share a Vine of your own by uploading a video from your PC
  • Support for Live Tiles, adaptive UI, and Drag and Drop
  • The ability to pin your favorite Vine channels and accounts to the Start menu for quick access 
Vine is now available to download for free on Windows 10-powered computers and tablets.