Skylanders Battlecast Launches On Mobile Devices

Following the announcement of Skylanders Battlecast about nine months ago, Activision is back with some pretty exciting news and has revealed that its strategic card battle video game is now rolling worldwide on Apple and Google-based mobile devices.

Skylanders Battlecast will enable players to:

  • Build an unbeatable collection of cards including all 300 Character, Spell, Gear and Relic cards
  • Battle Kaos and his evil minions in the single player campaign, with over 64 missions across eight elemental islands 
  • Crush the competition in online multiplayer, with the ability challenge Battlecasters from around the globe in online PvP
  • Bring the skylanders to life in a whole new way, with the ability to scan a card using the camera on select mobile devices to bring a character to life through augmented reality
Skylanders Battlecast is now available as a free-to-play game around the world on iOS and Android (including Amazon Kindle) devices.

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