OnePlus Announces New Price Cut

With the OnePlus 3 launch date only few weeks away, OnePlus has officially announced the latest update coming to its whole lineup of smartphone, including a new price drop for the OnePlus One, OnePlus X, and OnePlus 2.

According to OnePlus "If you’re looking for the smartphone that started it all (but can still keep up with the big boys), the OnePlus One is for you. For a serious technical powerhouse, look no further than the OnePlus 2. Finally, the OnePlus X encapsulates the best parts of our design philosophy, and truly stands on its own as a beautiful, stylish device for every occasion".

Reminder: Those who ordered a OnePlus smartphone within the last 14 days can contact the customer support to request a refund of the price difference.

The OnePlus X Onyx edition is now available for $199, while the OnePlus 2 64GB edition will go for $299. Unfortunately, the original OnePlus One is out of stuck for now.

Oneplus 2  Oneplus X