Lost Frontier Coming To Mobile Devices

Mika Mobile, the creators of Battleheart and Zombieville, has officially revealed its latest and greatest project, Lost Frontier, delivering a brand new turn-based strategy game on Apple-based mobile devices.

Set in a fantasy-western setting, Lost Frontier features:

  • The ability to choose a living legend, which is a special unit who takes the field and acts as your avatar with each legend specializing in improving a certain playstyle or category of units
  • A sizeable single player campaign mode
  • A challenge mode
  • Maps to play custom games on with 2-4 players for local, hot-seat multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer (may come at a later date depending on demand)
Lost Frontier will be available June 2nd on iOS devices. Unfortunately, there in no word yet on whether or not the game will make it to Android or Windows devices.

Check out Lost Frontier Release Trailer.