Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Officially Launched

Following the announcement of Minecraft Coming To Samsung Gear VR six weeks ago, Mojang in collaboration with Oculus are back once again with some pretty exciting news and has revealed that fans of the hugely popular sandbox video game will now be able to play Minecraft on their Samsung Gear VR headset.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition
, which is compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 and S6 edge. features:

  • All the features of Pocket Edition, including Creative and Survival modes, skins, and multiplayer
  • Theater or first-person view options
  • Cross-platform play with regular Pocket and Windows 10 editions
  • 3D Audio support
  • Compatible Bluetooth controllers suport
  • The ability to turn the camera in snappy increments
Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is now available to purchase for $6.99 through the Oculus Store on the Samsung Gear VR.

Check out Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Launch Trailer.