Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire Coming To Mobile Devices

Play Pretend, a small group of designers and developers, has officially announced its first project, Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire, delivering a "tough as nails" 2D platformer video game on Apple as well as Google-based mobile devices.

Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire will be featuring:

  • Incredibly responsive & accurate touch control 
  • 32 Design-led stages over 4 pixel worlds with rich, layered visuals, varying times of day, and a trademark ‘softness’ 
  • Over 20 original songs, cheeky french vo, and a princess who waxes poetic about our hero 
  • Legitimately challenging, but never impossible 
  • Very replayable with multiple challenges per level — time attack, macaron collection, and secret utensils
Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire is scheduled to be launching in Spring 2016 on iOS devices, while Android is expected to get it later on.

Check out Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire Gameplay Trailer.