Apple Launches Safari Technology Preview 2

Following the launch of Safari Technology Preview 1 couple weeks ago, the company has officially released a brand new build of its web browser for developers, Safari Technology Preview 2, for download and testing.

Safari Technology Preview 2 brings several new features as well as other enhancements like:

  • Changed the CFBundleSignature to allow Apple Events, like those sent from AppleScript, to correctly distinguish between Safari and Safari Technology Preview
  • Updated JavaScript
  • Updated CSS
  • Updated Web APIs
  • Updated Web Inspector
  • Updated Accessibility
  • Updated Rendering
  • Improved stability when an audio source is changed while being processed
  • Fixed audio track listings
  • Improved the reliability of speculative disk cache validation requests with the HTTP Referer header
  • Fixed autoscrolling in a drag selection when a window is against the screen edge, including while in full screen mode
Safari Technology Preview 2, which is compatible with OS X 10.11.4 or later, is now available to download through the Safari Dev Center for registered developers.