Winterstate Launches Worldwide On Mobile Devices

Winterstate, which includes former Remedy, Rockstar, and Supercell developers, has officially announced that its latest and greatest title, as well as the studio's second mobile game of the year, Winterstate, is now rolling out around the world.

Winterstate, a free-to-play real-time strategy game, will enable players to:

  • Enter the living, breathing winterstate, a frozen wasteland once known as the usa 
  • Fight the flaming insanity of the burners
  • Pick the right wheels for the job: five different classes of vehicles await your command 
  • Max your firepower with flamethrowers, seeking missiles, air strikes, magnetic mines and much more 
  • Raid thousands of players from all over the world 
  • Draw and execute your attack plans in gorgeous real-time 3d battles 
  • Man your convoy with unique drivers to max speed, range, rate of fire and damage 
  • Trade precious goods like coffee and spare parts between frozen cities and outposts 
Winterstate is now available worldwide for free on both Android as well as iOS devices. 

Check out Winterstate Launch Trailer.

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