Way Of The Samurai 3 Coming To Computers

Following the release of Way Of The Samurai 3 on last-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles about eight years ago, Acquire in collaboration with Ghostlight has officially announced that the studio will be expanding its Japanese open world action game to computers.

Way Of The Samurai 3 features:

  • The Butterfly Effect - Your every action, no matter how subtle or ludicrous, could set in motion a huge variety of events, allowing for huge replayability 
  • Huge Customization - Craft your own unique weapons from over 200 different parts and create the ultimate unbreakable weapon to suit your preferred fighting style 
  • Reward System and Samurai Rating - Your actions and conduct will reward you with Samurai Points and Titles, all of which unlock new game features, customisation options, outfits and accessories 
  • The Pen Can Be Mightier Than the Sword - Fight your enemies by force or take the diplomatic route, using subtle gestures like the unsheathing of your sword or kowtowing 
Way Of The Samurai 3 will be available soon on Steam, with a Closed Beta to be announced shortly. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on which platform the game will be launching on.