Street Fighter V March Update Launches Today

Following the launch of Street Fighter V six weeks ago, Capcom has officially announced the latest update coming to the the fifth main entry in the Street Fighter series, the March Update, which adds the first new character, Alex, to the Street Fighter V roster.

The Street Fighter V March Update will be rolling out in two waves, the first one will be featuring:

  • Challenge Mode, which including Demonstrations and Tutorials, as well as Trials
  • Online Rematch Option, with the ability to play a 2/3 set in Ranked Match and Casual Matches
  • Battle Lounge Improvements, with up to 8 person lobbies complete with match spectating
  • Bug fixes and gameplay balancing
While the second wave of Street Fighter V March Update will be featuring:
  • Alex + related character story content 
  • In-Game Shop, with the ability to purchase extra game content with your earned Fight Money
Unfortunately, the studio has revealed that the Zenny (real money) functionality of the in-game shop is not ready to launch just yet. However, to address this inconvenience Alex will be available for free as a trial period to all players until the Zenny functionality launches.

Last but not least, Season Pass owners will be granted access the premium costumes of the DLC characters, while Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes will be available for free to all users later this week.

The first wave of Street Fighter V March Update is now rolling out on PC and PS4, while the second wave is scheduled to be released on March 30.

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