Slashy Souls Launches On Mobile Devices

With Dark Souls III's official launch date only few weeks away, Bandai Namco Entertainment in collaboration with Gamespot has officially revealed its latest mobile title, Slashy Souls, delivering a mobile endless runner inspired by the world of Dark Souls III.

In Slashy Souls, a spinoff of the RPG series, players as well as fans of the Dark Souls franchise will get the chance to defeat Monsters, drink potions, and die on their very own time. Wreak havoc on monstrous bosses of otherworldly horrors. Travel further than any other as you try desperately to cling to life. Challenge death to a battle of will and then claim your everlasting victory!

Slashy Souls is now available for free on both Android and iOS devices. Check out Slashy Souls Launch Trailer.

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