Samsung Galaxy S7 Snapdragon VS Exynos Speed Test

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7 at the MWC 2016 event, the company has revealed that it will be using two different processors for its 2016 flagship smartphone, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and its very own Exynos 8890, which lead people asking the question which is the fastest phone of the two?

Once again we find ourselves in this cross road, where powerhouses from one of Android giants, Samsung, the Snapdragon-based Galaxy S7 and the Exynos-based Galaxy S7, fight each other in a speed test to prove once for all who is the fastest phone in a two rounds obstacle course, where they have to race and find out who finishes first.

Considering both phone come with 4GB of memory, who do you think will take home the fastest phone title, will it be the Snapdragon 820-based Galaxy S7 with its Quad-core processor ?, or will be the Exynos 88900-based Galaxy S7 with its Octa-core processor ? Stick around to find out.

Check out Samsung Galaxy S7 Snapdragon VS Exynos Speed Test.