Oculus Rift Not Supporting Mac Until Apple Releases "Good Computer"

With Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Shipping Dates only few weeks away, both virtual reality headset have only been announced to support Windows machines, as Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, has revealed that Oculus Rift will no be supporting Mac devices until Apple starts making good computers.

Although Oculus has previously announced that it will be focusing on developing its VR experience at launch for Windows first and then expanding it to Mac and Linux, the founder of Oculus has now revealed that the company won't be supporting any Mac device due to their lack of a graphics card that's good enough to meet the Rift’s recommended specifications, which features at least a NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD 290 GPU, even if you go up to a $6000 Mac Pro.

When asked about Mac support, Palmer said "That is up to Apple… if they ever release a good computer we will do it" He continued "If they prioritize higher-end GPUs like they used to for a while back in the day, we’d love to support Mac, but right now, there’s just not a single machine out there that supports it".

Oculus Rift will only be supporting Windows-based PCs for now, with Linux support to be announced later on. However, Oculus did point out that if Apple delivers Mac computers with high-end GPUs, the company will then support those devices.

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