New Rainbow Six Siege Patch Revealed

Following the launch of Operation Black Ice DLC earlier last month, Ubisoft has officially announced the latest update coming to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Patch 2.3, delivering a slew of tweaks and improvements.

Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.3 includes:

  • Frost's Super 90 Shotgun falloff damage now begins earlier
  • Buck’s Skeleton Key’s environmental destruction has been enhanced
  • SMG-11's recoil increased
  • Spawn Location Tweaks
  • Hit Registration Improvements
  • Ranked Matchmaking Improvements
  • Ranked reconnection mechanics have been improved
  • Casual Matchmaking Improvements
  • Custom Match Improvements
  • Spectator Camera Improvements
  • Cheating Counter-measure Improvements
  • Other general improvements and big fixes
Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.3 is now rolling out on PC, while PS4 and Xbox One are expected to get it starting April 5.