Microsoft Launhces New Xbox One System Update

Following the release of the last system update for current-gen Xbox consoles late last month, Microsoft has officially revealed the latest system update coming to its home video game console, including some top-voted Xbox Feedback requests such as the ability to purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One.

The Xbox One March System Update brings some new features as well as other enhancements such as:

  • Improved thumbstick precision for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller by using a new method that consistently calculates the position of the thumbsticks 
  • The Xbox Accessories app on Windows 10 now includes a page displaying the current firmware version, battery status, and other details about the controller
  • The ability to broadcast Party Chat when using the Twitch app, with the option to mute a party member’s chat audio
  • Purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One
  • Output your party chat to headset and speakers simultaneously
  • Customizable Game DVR recording length
  • Track achievement progress in the Xbox OneGuide
  • Video playback directly in the Xbox One Activity Feed
The new system update is now rolling out as a free update on Xbox One as well as the Xbox app on Windows 10 computers.