Microsoft Launches New Windows 10/Mobile Insiders Preview Builds

Following the release of Windows 10 Mobile Insiders Preview Build 14283 as well as Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 14279 last week, Microsoft has officially launched a brand new build of Windows 10, Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 14291, to Windows Insiders for download and testing.

Alongside Windows 10 Build 14291, the company has also released Windows 10 Mobile Insiders Preview Build 14291, The new Windows 10 Insiders Preview Builds brings some new features as well as other enhancements such as:

  • Extensions in Microsoft Edge, with the ability to personalize and add new feature to the browser
  • Pinned Tabs in Microsoft Edge, which keeps your most-used sites and web apps always available
  • “Paste and go” and “Paste and search” has been added to Microsoft Edge
  • The close button size for tabs on the Tabs page in Microsoft Edge has been increased (Mobile)
  • Updated Maps app, with more lightweight, scalable, and consistent UI as well as underlying architecture improvements
  • Updated Alarms & Clock app, with new inline time picker and improved design
  • The ability to choose one-handed kana touch keyboard for Japanese text typing
  • Japanese Lined-mode Text Input Canvas, with natural and intuitive text input 
  • Feedback Hub (available for both PC and Mobile)
The new Windows 10 Insiders Preview Builds also include some bug fixes, such as:
  • This issue causing the notification area (“systray”) to look out of alignment when turning on the “always show all icons in the notification area” should now be fixed (PC)
  • An issue where the “X” to close the “Find of Page” toolbar in Microsoft Edge is displayed off screen on 8-inch devices when in portrait mode has been fixed (PC)
  • An issue where the USB icon in the notification area was reverting to the old icon when ejecting drives has been fixed (PC)
  • An issue where clicking the suggested search in Microsoft Edge resulted in a URL to the search as the search string has been fixed (PC)
  • An issue resulting in slower text input speed the more words were typed has been fixed (Mobile) 
  • Word Flow recognition of longer words has been improved (Mobile)
  • The All apps list has been updated to now follow the “Make Text Larger” ease of access setting (Mobile)
  • An issue where Settings would sometimes list unresolved app names under Extras has been fixed (Mobile)
  • An issue where touch targets could be out of alignment in the Photos picker has been fixed (Mobile)
  • The issue where connectivity to older Wi-Fi networks using the WEP encryption security method may be broken has been fixed (PC and Mobile)
Windows 10/Mobile Insiders Preview Build 14291 is now rolling out through Windows Update, as part of the company's Fast Ring build program on both computers as well as mobile devices.