Justice Monsters Five Coming To Mobile Devices

Square Enix has officially revealed its latest and greatest mobile title, as well as the fifth installment in the Justice Monsters series, Justice Monsters Five, delivering a brand new pinball game based in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Justice Monsters Five, which combines role-playing elements with some of the Final Fantasy franchise's most iconic monsters, will be featuring:

  • Tap your way to victory - fight with your flipper in exhilarating pinball battles
  • Power up your orbs - make your monsters mighty and vanquish foes with awesome attacks
  • Expand your team - defeat the minions of Lord Vexxos and recruit them to your cause
  • Take the fight to evil - go on solo quests or team up with others to bring down big, bad bosses
Justice Monsters Five will be available soon as a free-to-play game on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Although, anyone who pre-register will receive Golden Orbs, a currency unique to the game.

Check out Justice Monsters Five Announce Trailer.