Battleborn Post-Launch Content Revealed

With Battleborn launch date less than couple months away, Gearbox Software in collaboration with 2K Games has officially announced that its much anticipated and waited first-person shooter video game has now officially gone Gold

With Battleborn going Gold, which means that the game is now finished, out of the door, and off to the manufacturers, the studio has revealed that it is now focusing on the development of post-launch content, which will be featuring:
  • Free updates - Adds five more heroes, including Alani who is a member of the Eldrid faction, as well as new competitive multiplayer modes, maps, balance updates, and community features 
  • Paid add-on - Adds five new add-on packs, with each pack including one new Story Operation, which will be replayable in solo, co-operatively online, and splitscreen with your friends, as well as exclusive hero skins and taunts
Battleborn Season Pass will be available to purchase for $20, while owners of the Battleborn’s Digital Deluxe Edition will get it for free. Although, each DLC pack can also be purchased separately for $4.99.