Attack On Titan Mobile Game Officially Announced

Kodansha in collaboration with Funimation Entertainment, GameSamba, and NGames Interactive Limited has officially announced that its will be launching a brand mobile game called Attack On Titan, on both Apple as well as Google-based mobile devices later this year.

In Attack On Titan game, which is an action-driven title that 's based on the Japanese manga series, players will get the chance to use careful planning and quick reactions to survive as they battle titans. The game will also be combining elements of runner and action games in order to replicate the feeling of the titan battles from the anime series.

According to Funimation "We’re very excited to work with NGames and GameSamba to create a game based on the wildly popular ‘Attack on Titan’ franchise," The company continued "With more than 50 million copies of the manga in print, a 25 episode anime series, and last year’s live action films, we’re excited to show fans what we can do with a game".

Attack On Titan game is expected to be released by the end of 2016 in all major English markets on both Android as well as iOS devices.