Apple Releases New Apple Music Update

Following the release of Apple Music v0.9.5 for Android earlier last month, Apple has officially launched an all-new update to its subscription-based music streaming service for its mobile devices, delivering some new changes to the Radio tab in Apple Music.

The updated Apple Music for Apple devices includes:

  • The static Beats 1 logo at the top of the landing page has been replaced with a new UI that dynamically updates to the currently-airing live radio show
  • The Radio tab will now show new artwork as well as the airing location of the show
  • The Radio tab now features two buttons including "Listen Now" and "Explore Beats 1"
The updated Apple Music is now rolling out to iOS users running iOS 9.2.1 or iOS 9.3 Beta. Although, those who can't see the changes are recommended to close the Apple Music from the multitasking view and re-open the app.