Skate Lines 2 Coming To Mobile Devices

Agens, an award-winning team in the field of concept work, design and mobile development, has officially announced their latest and greatest titles, Skate Lines 2, delivering a brand new skateboarding game that is said to bring "Skateboarding back to its roots".

Skate Lines 2 will be featuring:

  • Full day & night cycle
  • Character customization
  • Multiple challenges including race an opponent skater AI to a finish line, escape a security guard that is trying to stun you and give you a fine, copy different tricks in a sequence, do a single trick down a rail or gap
  • Skate spots from all over the world including  Barcelona, Los Angeles and Oslo
Skate Lines 2 will be available this Summer on both Android and iOS devices. Check out Skate Lines 2 Teaser Trailer.