New Hitman Beta & Live Component Announced

With Hitman's official launch date just over couple weeks away, IO Interactive has officially announced that the studio will be holding a new Beta test exclusively fro PS Plus members, offering PlayStation players a second chance to get in on the action.

In addition to the exclusive Hitman Beta, the studio has also some Live Component of Hitman, which include:

  • Elusive Targets - Limited-timed contracts with custom-created characters
  • Escalation Mode - Regularly provides fresh challenges that escalate in difficulty
  • Contracts Mode - Play-to-create, mark your own targets, and choose how to kill them and compete against your friends
  • Live Challenges - Adds community-inspired challenges into the game
The second Hitman Beta will be available from March 4-6 exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 consoles.

Check out Hitman Legacy' Opening Cinematic.