New Destiny Event Announced

With Valentine’s Day only few days away, Bungie is celebrating this romantic holiday by announcing the latest update coming to Destiny, the Crimson Days Event, offering players a new special limited-time event to "celebrate with that special Guardian in your life".

The Crimson Days Event will be featuring:

  • New 2v2 elimination mode called Crimson Doubles
  • Destiny’s primary social hub has undergone a festive makeover, complete with rose petals, banners, and more
  • the Eververse Trading Company has been restocked with a collection of new emotes, including Awkward and Strange Dances and partner emotes, like the Secret Greeting or Fist Bump
  • The ability to earn new shaders, Ghost shells, or weapon experience buffs called Crimson Candy
Destiny's Crimson Days Event will be available from February 9-16 on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4.