Instagram Announces Account Switching

Following the announcement of Landscape and Portrait Formats support late last year, the Facebook's owned online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service has officially revealed the latest and one of the most requested features coming to Instagram, Account Switching.

With Account Switching, Instagram users will finally be able to connect multiple accounts as well as switch quickly and easily between them without ever having to log out and log back in. To add and switch between multiple accounts from your mobile device, all you have to is:

  • Go to your profile and tap the settings icon in the top right
  • Scroll down and tap Add Account
  • Enter the username and password of the account you'd like to add
  • Once connected, to switch between accounts head over to your profile
  • Tap your username at the top of the screen
  • Tap the account you'd like to switch to
  • Done! 
Reminder: If you've added multiple Instagram accounts, you may get push notifications from any account that has them turned on. This depends on when you last logged in and the number of devices that are logged in to an account.

The new Account Switching feature is now rolling out to Instagram v7.15 on both Android and iOS devices.