Oculus Touch Officially Delayed

Following the announcement of Lucky’s Tale To Come Bundled With Oculus Rift just few days ago, Oculus is back once again with some not so exciting news about its much anticipated and waited virtual reality headset, and that is Oculus Touch release date will be pushed back for a few weeks.

Although Oculus Touch, the company's all-new wireless VR input, was first scheduled to be released in the first half of 2016, Oculus has now revealed that Oculus Touch will be released later this year as the team has made some significant advances in ergonomics that make it even more comfortable, reliable, and natural to use, as well as other improvements to the hand pose recognition.

According to Oculus "The feedback on Touch has been incredibly positive, and we know this new timeline will produce an even better product, one that will set the bar for VR input. We appreciate your patience and promise Touch will be worth the wait".

Oculus Touch will be launching in the second half of 2016, while pre-orders will begin few months before the official release date.